Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair are now Incora. Read more.

We are pleased to announce that Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair are now

Incora™ means that we are intrinsically connected to, or incorporated in our customers’ businesses and operations. Our commitment to innovation and the development of new solutions to meet supply chain challenges remains unwavering. We look forward to serving you as Incora.

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Join Our Mission With Wounded Warrior Project®

April 8, 2019

Wesco Aircraft is proud to support Wounded Warrior Project®, honoring and empowering our nation’s servicemen and women — before, during and after their service. Together, we continue our mission to remember, employ, and empower our heroes, and we invite you to join in the salute of veterans.

Every Warrior has a next mission when they return home and Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is committed to the journey of helping wounded veterans achieve their highest ambition as they transition to civilian life. On their first step and each step that follows, WWP believes that every Warrior should have a positive future. When they’re ready to start their next mission, WWP stands ready to serve.

Join Wesco Aircraft in making an impact to Warriors’ lives before, during and after service. Click the link below to get involved.

Impact Horiz

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Dan Nevins: Warrior | Speaker | Teacher


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